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Fridays are when the world slows down and rests for the next two days. It is also when people spend quality time with their friends and family; therefore, we have created humourous dad jokes with images about Fridays to tickle your funny bone. Check them out.

Dad Jokes about Friday.

1. Sad Thursdays

Dad joke about the day that ruins Friday.

Dad: What ruins your Friday?

Son: What?

Dad: When you realize it is only Thursday.

2. Cows and movies

Dad joke about cows going to movies.

Dad: A group of cows decided to go out on Friday. Image where they planned to go?

Mom: Where?

Dad: They decided to go for mooooovies.

3. Friday afternoon joke

Dad joke about slow Friday afternoons.

Dad: What is slower than a boring movie?

Kids: What?

Dad: A Friday afternoon.

4. Worst day for eggs

Dad joke about a worst day for eggs.

Dad: What is the worst day for eggs?

Daughter: What?

Dad: Fry-day

5. Worst days

Dad joke about Monday being the worst day.

Dad: What’s worse than Friday the 13th?

Son: What?

Dad: Monday, the whatever you want to call it.

6. Weak days

Dad joke about a man only working out on Fridays.

Dad: Why did the man only works out on Fridays?

Daughter: Why?

Dad: Because Fridays are a weak day for him.

7. The Good Friday joke

Dad joke about the best Friday of the year.

Dad: Name the best Friday of the year.

Son: Ummm…( keeps thinking)

Dad: The Good Friday

8. A Monday holiday

Dad joke that the Monday holiday is better than Friday.

Dad: What is better than a Friday night?

Kids: What?

Dad: Holiday on a Monday


We hope you enjoyed these dad jokes about summer and giggled a little. Do not forget to download and share these jokes with your close ones for free.

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