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Thanksgiving is such a joyful festival that it re-connects all the family members at a single table. Nothing feels better than those moments of cracking jokes, laughing, and feasting on lip-smacking food with family. Here is a collection of the best Thanksgiving dad jokes you can also crack at your dinner table during this festival.

Thanksgiving Dad Jokes in English

1. Unique Thanksgiving Name

Here is a funny joke about the festival of Thanksgiving

What is thanksgiving called by selfish people?


2. Thanksgiving Turkey Joke

Hilarious joke about Thankgiving’s staple dish, Turkey

How did Turkey go home for Thanksgiving?

He took the gravy train.

3. Classic Turkey joke

Hilarious joke about Turkey and Thanksgiving

Dad: Why can’t you take Turkey to the Church?

Son: They use FOWL language.

4. Thanksgiving Pun

Pun about Thanksgiving

Which is the saddest Thanksgiving drink?

“Apple sigh-der”.

5. Classic Dad Joke on Turkey

Hilarious joke about Turkey

Why did the Police arrest Turkey?

Because they suspected it of Fowl play

6. Dad and knock-knock joke

The famous Knock-Knock joke

Knock Knock?

Who’s there?


Arthur who?

Arthur, any Thanksgiving leftovers?

7. Dad and Pumpkin-pie pun

The Pumpkin-pie joke

Dad: What does a Pumpkin Pie say during a fight?

“Do you want a piece of me?”

8. Thanksgiving Turkey joke

The classic turkey pun for thanksgiving

What kind of key can never open key?

“A tur-key.”

9. Running Turkey joke

Dad’s hilarious joke for thanksgiving

What is a running turkey called?


10. Joke on how much turkeys eat.

Another hilarious turkey joke

What is the best thing to put into your pumpkin pie?



We hope that you enjoyed these hilarious dad jokes on the thanksgiving festival. Make sure to use these funny jokes in your family’s Thanksgiving dinner and add fun to this joyful festival.

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