Funniest Biology jokes for teachers

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A little dash of humor never fails to spread smiles on peoples’ faces. Long hours of classes can get tiresome, so we have listed down some of the most hilarious Biology jokes for teachers. Check them out:

Biology jokes for teachers

1. The fungi joke  

A funny joke about a popular Biology teacher.

What made the biology teacher so popular on campus?

He was a fungi.

2. The breakup joke

Joke about the breakup of the Physics and Biology teacher.

Why did Physics and Biology teachers part ways?

Because there was no Chemistry.

3. The Biology teacher

Joke about the development of human chords by a Biology teacher.

 Our genius Biology teacher developed human vocal chords from stem cells in the lab.

The results speak for themselves.

4. The dissection joke

A hilarious joke about a Biology teacher teaching about dissection to the class.

A Biology teacher was dissecting a lizard in front of the class. After explaining the inner features of the lizard, the teacher asked his students, what will you expect to see if you dissect a human?

Carl, one of the students, replied, “Sir, I would expect to find myself behind bars.”

5. The gene joke

A funny joke about Biology teachers and their pants.

What kind of pants do Biology teachers wear?

Designer genes

6. Division and multiplication joke

A funny joke about the similarity between the division and multiplication of the term in Biology.

Biology is a branch of science where division and multiplication mean the same thing.

7. The break-up joke

Joke about Biologist and Physicist’s break-up.

Why did Biologist break up with Physicist?

Because they had no chemistry.

8. The blood cell love story

Hoke about two blood cells falling in love.

Two blood cells met and fell in love. Sadly, it was all in vein.

9. Smallest virus

Joke about smallest virus in the world.

What is the smallest virus in the world called?


10. Amoeba and his parents divorce

Joke about a sad amoeba.

What made amoeba sad?

His parents just split.


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