10 funniest birthday jokes for mom

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If you are looking for the funniest birthday jokes for your mom, we have shortlisted some of the best jokes. Make your mom’s birthday merrier with these hilarious jokes and puns. Check them out:

Birthday jokes for Mom

1. Classic mom’s birthday joke

This a witty birthday wish joke for moms.

Life might get tough for you, But always remember that at least you don’t have ugly kids.

2. Pop music birthday joke

A funny joke about balloons and pop music.

Son: What genre of music are balloons scared of?

Mom: What?

Son: Pop music

3. Cats and birthdays    

A hilarious joke about cats and birthdays.

Daughter: Why do you think cats love birthdays?

Mom: Why?

Daughter: Because the love to purrty.

4. Orthopaedist’s birthday cards joke

A funny joke about birthday wishes from Orthopaedist.

You realise that you are getting old, when you start receiving birthday cards from your Orthopaedist.

5.  Witch’s birthday

A joke about witches and birthdays. 

How does a witch celebrate her birthday?

She spell-brates.

6. Toasty joke

A witty joke about birthdays and jokes.

Daughter: Do you know why women people feel warm on their birthdays?

Mom: Why?

Daughter: Because people keep toasting them.

7. Sick cake joke

Joke about birthday sick birthday cake.

Albert: What do you call a birthday cake when it’s sick?

Maria: What?

Albert: Coughee cake

8. Pig’s birthday eve joke

A humorous joke about pig’s birthday eve.

Son: What was pig doing in the kitchen on his birthday eve?

Mom: What?

Son: He was bacon a birthday cake.

9. Snowman’s birthday joke

A funny joke on snowman’s birthday wishes.

Son: How will a snowman wish you birthday?

Mom: How?

Son: He will say, have an ice day!

10.  Famous birthdays joke

A funny joke on famous birthdays.

Jocelyn to Mom: Was anyone famous born on your birthday?

Mom to Jocelyn: No, just a bunch of babies.

We hope these jokes put a wide smile on your mom’s special day. You can also share these jokes by downloading them for free. Stay tuned for more such content. Check out these amazing birthday jokes for your Dad’s special day.

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