Funniest Math Jokes with Images for Middle School

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Math can often get a little tough on young minds, leading to students running away from the subject. therefore, we have some of the funniest maths jokes for middle school that will surely tickle the funny bone of the students and help them not be afraid of the subject. Check them out.

Math Jokes for Middle School

1. Prime numbers

Math joke about maths teacher being suspicious of prime numbers.

What made Miss Ginny, the math teacher, suspicious of prime numbers?

Because they all are odd.

2. 90 degrees

Math joke about the corner of the room being 90 degrees.

Student 1: How do you stay warm in this cold weather?

Student 2: How?

Student 1: You must stand in the corner of the room because it is always 90 degrees there.

3. Math teacher’s field

Math joke about math teacher plowing his field.

How does a math teacher plow his field?

By using a pro-tractor.

4. Fighting math books

Funny joke about two fighting math books.

What did the math book say to another maths book during their fight?

Can you please stop bothering me? I’ve got my own problems.

5. Coldest triangle

Math joke about the coldest triangle.

Which is the coldest triangle of all?

An ice-soseles traingle.

6. Duck and Math

Joke about teaching math to a duck.

How do you teach Math to a duck easily?

With the help of egg-samples.

7. Parallel lines

Math joke about parallel lines.

Sadly, parallel lines can never meet, even after having so much in common.

8. Summer break

Math joke about teacher’s favorite time of the year.

What is the math teacher’s favorite time of the year?

Sum-mer break

9. Glasses in maths class

Math joke about a student wearing glasses,

Why did the student wear his glasses in the maths class?

Because it improved di-vision.

10. Seven eight nine

Math joke about the number seven, eight and nine.

Why was six scared of seven?

Because seven eight nine.


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