Funniest Summer Jokes for Seniors

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Summer comes with family vacations, beach trips, ice creams, and coolers. And nothing is better than some fun family time. Hence, we have some of the funniest summer jokes for summer. Check them out:

Summer jokes for seniors

1. Senior woman and the summer vacation

Joke about a senior woman who didn’t go on a summer vacation.

Why did the senior woman with the rashes on her arm not go on a summer vacation?

Because the dermatologist told her to apply the healing cream locally.

2. Senior couple at the beach house

Joke about a senior couple and their summer.

What did the senior couple do when they arrived at the beach house for summer vacation?

They shellabrated.

3. Senior lawyers’ summer vacation

Joke about senior lawyers and their summer vacation.

Where do senior lawyers go for their summer vacations?

Sue York City

4. Summer colds

Joke about senior people and summer colds.

How do senior people avoid summer colds?

They catch it in the winter.

5. Summer school

Joke about a senior teacher wearing sunglasses to summer school.

Why did the senior teacher wear sunglasses to summer school?

Because his class was bright


We hope that you enjoyed these funny summer jokes for seniors. Share these jokes with your friends and family by downloading them for free.

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