Hilarious Science joke for teachers

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Science can be a tough subject once you start learning it, not just for the students but for the teacher as well. Here are some of the wittiest science jokes for teachers who love science lessons, along with a dash of humor. Check them out:

Science joke for teachers

1. The solution joke

Joke about Chemistry teacher and chemical solutions.

Since I am a chemistry teacher, I can make a solution if I don’t have one.

2. The chemistry teacher jok

Joke about Chemistry teachers and their lives.

Chemistry professors never die, they just fail to react.

3. Gravity joke

Joke about teacher and her sleeping student.

Teacher: Why are you sleeping in the class?

Student: My head is falling on the desk due to gravity.

4. Oxygen’s discovery

Joke about teacher teaching his students about discovery of oxygen.

Teacher: Oxygen was discovered in 1773 and is necessary for life on earth.

Student: Thank God! I was born after 1773, or else I would have died.

5. The mint joke

Joke about Science teachers and mints.

How do Science teachers freshen their breath?

They use experi-mints.

6. The sodium joke

Joke about teacher and her students about sodium chapter.

 Teacher: Does anyone have doubts about the sodium chapter?

Students: Na

7. The periodic table joke

Student: How often do you like jokes about Chemistry?

Teacher: Periodically


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