Wittiest retirement jokes for teachers

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Retirement after years of teaching students, performing other school duties, organizing events and functions is the most relaxing period for any retired teacher. If you are looking for some jokes to share with your teacher who will soon retire, check out the article below. We have curated some of the most hilarious jokes on retirement for teachers.

Retirement jokes for teachers

1. Retirement and banking account

Joke about retirement and its effect on banking accounts.

Retirement is not the end of your teaching career,

It’s the end of your banking account.

2. Happy retired teachers

Joke about the difference between usual teachers and retired teachers.

Retired teachers are just like usual teachers;

The only difference is they are much happier.

3. Retired teachers and Monday mornings

Joke about retired teachers and Monday mornings.

What do you call a teacher who is happy on Monday morning?

Retired teacher

4. Retired teachers and weekends

Joke about retired teachers being free on weekends.

You realize every day is Saturday when you are a retired teacher.

5. Never-ending coffee breaks

Joke about retired teachers and their free time.

Teacher: How will you define retirement?

Principal: A never-ending coffee break.


We hope these jokes will put a wide smile on your retiring teacher and help you earn some brownie points. Do not forget to download and share these jokes for free.

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