Witty Dad Jokes with images about Summer

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Dad jokes will never be unfunny, and here is the proof. Share laughter with your near and dear ones with these funny dad jokes about summer. Take a look.

Dad jokes about Summer

1. Fishes on a summer vacation

Dad joke about fishes and their summer vacation.

Dad: Where do fishes go for their summer vacation?

Son: Where?

Dad: They go to Finland.

2. Ice cream and shakes

Dad joke about ice creams and shakes being invited to pool parties.

Dad: Why are ice creams and shakes always invited to pool parties?

Kids: Why?

Dad; Because they are cool.

3. Bears and summers

Dad joke about bears and how they keep themselves cool.

Dad: How do bears keep their bodies cool during the summer?

Mom: How?

Dad: They use bear conditioning.

4. Peeling bananas

Dad joke about bananas using sunscreen.

Dad: Do you know bananas too, use sunscreens?

Daughter: How do you know?

Dad: Because they peel.

5. Pig on a summer evening

Dda joke about a pig on a summer evening.

Dad: What did the pig say to his friend on a summer evening?

Daughter: What?

Dad: I am bacon.

6. Friendly ocean

Dad joke about the friendly ocean.

Dad: How do you get to know that the ocean is friendly?

Daughter: How?

Dad: It waves.

7. The coolest letter

Dad joke about the coolest alphabet.

Dad: Which letter is the coolest among the 26 letters?

Kids: Which one?

Dad: Iced T


We hope these dad jokes about summer made you giggle a bit. Do not forget to download and share these jokes images with your family and friends.

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