Hilarious birthday jokes for friends

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Nothing feels better than cracking jokes with your friends and not caring about the world. Therefore, to make you guys relive those moments, we have curated some funniest birthday jokes for you and your friends to enjoy over the dinner table or even in WhatsApp groups (we got to thank technology for this). Check out these jokes:

Birthday jokes for friends

1. The birthday candle joke

A funny joke about birthday candles.

Shelly: What did the candle tell another candle?

Jack: What?

Shelly: Don’t these birthdays just burn you up?

2. The ice cream and cake joke

A funny joke about cake and ice cream.

Birthday cake was sitting unhappy in the corner.

Ice cream saw it and said, “What’s eating you?”

3. Classic birthday joke

A dank birthday joke.

I felt like a guy trapped in a woman’s body.

After 9 months, I was born.

4. The aging joke  

A joke about increasing age.

Friend 1: What is something that comes up and never comes down?

Friend 2: What?

Friend 1: Our age

5. Cat’s birthday joke    

A hilarious joke about cats and their birthday celebration.

Jack: How do cats celebrate their birthdays?

Alfie: How?

Jack: By turning up the mewsic.

6. The trunk joke

A humorous joke about elephants and their favorite birthday gifts.

Mom: What do elephants love for their birthday?

Son: What?

Mom: A trunk full of gifts.

7. Ghosts’ birthday gift joke

Another funny joke about ghosts and cakes.

Jake: What do you think ghosts like as birthday gifts?

Tanya: What is it?

Jake: I scream cake.

8. The birthday year joke

Another hilarious joke about birthdates.

Colleague 1: When is your birthday?

Colleague 2: 25th January

Colleague 1: What year?

Colleague 2: Every year

9. Kangaroo’s birthday joke

A funny joke on kangaroos and their birthday wishes.

Mindy: How do you wish a birthday to a Kangaroo?

Georgia: How?

Mindy: You say, Hoppy Birthday!

10. The cupcake joke

A silly joke about cupcakes’ appointment with the doctor.

Friend 1: Why did the cupcake book doctor’s appointment?

Friend 2: Why?

Friend 1: It was feeling really crumby.

We hope you enjoyed these hilarious jokes. Do not forget to download these images for free and share them with your best pals.

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